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The Strategy Session is truly my favorite part of the production process. It’s where you get together with one of our creative directors to talk about your product, and most importantly your story. Together we figure out the best video style and campaign that gets you the highest ROI possible. We’re in the business of getting results, and business is a-booming!


The script writing process is where we (flesh out) the tone and message of your videos. Through a series of tailored questions along with our strategy sessions, our script writers work closely with your team to craft a script that hits the emotional core of your prospects. Pretty much all of us agree that script writing is the most important part to your video productions. And even though we usually nail it the first or second time, you literally get an unlimited amount of revisions.


With so many moving parts to your production we want to make sure every single step is calculated, leaving nothing to chance. Our creative directors develop a written document that lays out the visuals of each scene in your production. Simply put, words get written so you can understand and make changes to the animations before we even go to storyboarding. This cuts down on time and cost by a huge amount.


The Storyboard is where our illustrators take your Audio Visual Script and do magic. It’s a shock of happiness every time I see the first Storyboard. It sounds silly but when you see your branding, logo, and custom characters or icons on the screen you will understand what I mean. It’s something very special and exciting.

We go through some serious preparation, as you can see in the previous steps, and the first edit is the direct result of that preparation. Our editors and animation team take your Script, Audio Visual Script, Storyboard, and Audio Track to put together an engaging and informative video that is guaranteed to get huge results.


When we say we get results, we mean it. We have the tools to help you with your campaign through the whole process. We can create custom landing pages, set up email auto responders, and track results to make sure your video is performing.

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